Relocation Service in Bangalore
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How to Relocate in Bangalore Easily

If you hire a professional, the date of the move is important. Avoid summer and the last two weeks of the year, and you will pay less. Similarly, Saturdays and Sundays are more sought after and therefore more expensive. Whether you go through a professional or not, avoid, as far as possible, to move a 30 or 31, date that often coincides with the end of the lease. You will have more trouble finding utilities in rental Relocation Service in Bangalore , for example.

Notify neighbors and learn about the condo rules

The move is also an inconvenience for the neighborhood: noise, dust on the stairs, and clutter of the hall. Better to anticipate the blame and warn your neighbors some time before your move. Some may even get rid of this old sofa that you do not take to your new home.

Think especially to consult the rules of co-ownership or the trustee, because the moves are sometimes subject to strict rules. The use of the elevator, or even the passage through the stairs, may, for example, be prohibited. In this case, you will be obliged to call on a professional equipped with a furniture elevator, which will leave your cartons by the window.

Relocation Service in Bangalore

The advice of the pro: Move with a furniture lift is not necessarily more expensive about 300 $ half a day because the professional will need fewer movers, which will generate less costs for him. On the other hand, for fragile furniture, it is a safe solution.

Anticipate the reservation of a parking space for the truck

If you are moving with a truck, quickly ask yourself about parking on your street. You can book a free location at your town hall, at least two weeks before the move date. But this reservation is not opposable: it does not guarantee that the place will be free on the day said. Some town halls charge for this service, but then the place is blocked for you.

Pro Tip: After reserving your place with the municipality, try to park your personal car at this location. So, on the day of the move, you will have at least a partial seat for the truck.

Estimate the volume of furniture and cartons to be transported

Depending on the size of your home and your development, the number of furniture and boxes varies. If you hire a professional, make sure he or she is comfortable with the total volume to move, either by himself or by videoconference. Of this volume, indeed depends on the estimate, and unpleasant surprises are common.

If you are moving on your own then estimate this volume will allow you to choose the right rental vehicle to transport everything in one trip or to estimate the number of trips required with your own vehicle. Professionals proposes two techniques to estimate the volume to be moved to divide the surface of the dwelling by two for example, 60 m2 contain about 30 m3 or to use an online calculator a form in which you indicate the nature of your furniture, the quantity of books, etc. But these techniques are very approximate. A true professional should not use them.

Fill his boxes well to avoid damage

Contrary to what one thinks, to fill a box does not improvise. If your plates are badly packaged and your glasses badly set, you risk discovering them in crumb on arrival. In addition to bubble wrap to protect the most fragile objects, equip you with quality boxes for moving.