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How to appoint a successful lawyer: signs that you are working with a professional

A good lawyer does not take all cases at once. When you make a contract with a lawyer, ask him or her how much he or she is currently accompanied. They shouldn’t be too much. Ideally, if there are only 1-2 cases in approximately the same direction. A lawyer like Rob Levine who is too busy with a job cannot provide you with quality service because it takes a long time.

For example, you need to split property in court during a divorce. Hire a housing lawyer as different from other professionals, read our special material. It has 5 more clients and has completely different situations. A lawyer tries to catch everyone and please everyone everywhere in the end everyone will be dissatisfied with his work.

The lawyer has been working in the field of justice for at least 5 years. Ask a lawyer what his experience is. It must be at least 5 years old. And it is desirable that all these years he has worked only in your direction.

Once familiarized with the case, a good lawyer will offer you your strategy.

Rob Levine

During the first interview, the lawyer became thoroughly familiar with the documents and explained his strategy for managing your case in an accessible way. Everything became clear to you, you felt confident. Congratulations, this is a good lawyer. But if the lawyer does not inform his plans and comment on his actions in any way, it is better not to mess with him.

A good lawyer has a long record of winning cases.

Every good lawyer keeps a separate folder in which he puts all the court decisions he refers to. Ask him to see this portfolio. If there is information about a large number of cases that have won, and that is the merit of a lawyer, then feel free to reach an agreement with him.

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