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Good communication is essential for this team activity. Cover your teammates, strategize and shout when danger comes before it’s too late. Find the best laser tag singapore price right there.

Who is this original activity for?

This activity is for all types of events such as Team Building, bachelor party, or children’s birthdays. It can satisfy young and old and give you maximum pleasure.

If you follow on social networks, you will already be aware of these tricks to be better playing the Laser Tag. Practicing them will help you fully enjoy the games and have more options to beat your rivals in the arena. However, we have thought that if we have them all collected together in one place, it will be easier for you to review them when you need it.

laser tag singapore price

Know the arena like no one else

If you know every corner of the arena, it will be easier for you to hide and attack the rest of the fighters. Come practice at our venue, you will become familiar with our arena and thus, you can get the best score.

Be Stealthy and Wear Dark

You have to be stealthy and wear dark clothes that do not stand out in the dark with lasers. If you dress in brightly colored and eye-catching clothes you will betray your hiding place right away. The black color allows you to camouflage yourself in the sand more easily. So you know. Go to the dark side and practice until you know our arena like no one else. This will help you achieve more points than your opponents.

Be the first to step on the sand

If you are the first to step on the sand, you will be able to hide in your favorite corner. You will get used to low light before your opponents.

Hide yourself the first time you step into the arena

When you first enter the arena you better hide until the game starts. So you can observe the place and movements of your game rivals. After that, move, don’t stay there.

Movement can confuse an opponent

Keep in mind that if you stay still in one place, it is likely that your teammates will walk away without you noticing or that the enemy will corner you. If a member of the opposing team finds you, they can have their entire team surround you and shoot you. You cannot escape. So, move stealthily.

Don’t run around the arena aimlessly or strategically

Don’t run on the sand all the time. Try to keep calm and avoid standing and running aimlessly or strategically. You will attract less attention from your rival and you will be able to think. While you are crouched, you will avoid attracting the attention of the rival team and therefore their shots. And in the case of having to run, don’t run too fast. Better to run at slower speeds.

Try not to be seen

It will be easier for you to shoot members of the opposing team if they don’t see you. Find good hiding places that allow you to see without being seen. And remember the most important trick be stealthy.

Remember this is a team game

Make sure that all team members know the rules of the game. And, of course, nothing better than having a good game strategy in which you can all communicate by signs if necessary.