Power to Choose

Energy is everything

In human life, everything is energy. If we do any work in that work, energy is involved. If we don’t have electricity, then we can’t do anything. All things depend on power, for example, if we walking in the park in that energy are involved we don’t have electricity then can’t able to walk alone. So the matters are made with the help of power only. In physics, an object can be transformed from one place to another in that process energy is required. It is a quantitative property. Energy can’t be created nor destroyed; it is a converter into form. If an object moves from one place to another against force, then it is called energy. Energy rates can be calculated differently. Some estimate the heat by moving objects or energy consumed in the body. So we have the Power to Choose  the energy rates from our perspectives.

There are different energy forms. They are kinetic energy, mechanic energy, electric energy, etc. The most common power we used in daily life is kinetic energy only; it is to move the object. Petrol burned when the energy released that is chemical energy. In this world, mass and strength are more related to each other. An object is a mass when it is in rest; then, it called rest energy. If additional power involved in rest energy, then it will increase the weight of the object.

Another side:

Power to Choose

On the other hand, every living thing must require energy to alive and be active. For getting power, foods are necessary for living things. The living body, like humans, animals, insects, etc. They need the capability to function all the parts of the body. Not only the living organism, but the Atmosphere also requires energy, that power is radiant energy. Electricity is not an object or living thing, and it is invisible. The only control we have known is the sun. Sun is a build-up of power only. The rays from sum are made up of pure energy only, so it was beneficial for all living things in this world.

In science, energy attains from Earth’s surface to all organisms. Growth and development in a body depend only on strength. If we get more power, then our growth will not have any defect in life. The plant absorbs chemical potential energy from radiant energy emits from sunlight. After absorbing heat from the sun, then it processes photosynthesis, and it also absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen for human use. These processes will be done with the help of energy, in the solar system, even the energy required to transform the object like Star, planet, etc., to another form. Sun also releases potential energy during nuclear fusion. According to research, space was surrounded by potential energy too quickly, so the universe is more cooled. Stars are produced from the collapse of heat and pressure by hydrogen clouds, so it emits lights from the sun.

The above passage shows that energy plays a vital role in the world. Without electricity, we cannot survive in the world, not only human beings or living organisms. Only 2% of people only use energy in the proper way remaining 98% of people use energy in a non-proper way only. Power is more important to humans’ life as same as oxygen. Without these two, we can’t be able to survive in this world.