Power to Choose

Energy and Power Options Open for You Now

Do you find sustainability and the climate problem important? Then choose an energy supplier that produces, purchases, sells and invests in sustainable energy and does not build coal-fired power stations. Green energy certainly does not have to be more expensive than polluting energy. With the best Power to Choose you can find the perfect solutions now.

Together with other organizations, we investigated how sustainable all energy suppliers are. The most sustainable electricity contracts receive our designation Greenest electricity product. In the energy comparator, you can easily choose the greenest product that works out the cheapest for you. The comparator takes into account your energy consumption and whether you have, for example, solar panels. There are still many misunderstandings about green electricity. We list a number of misunderstandings.

Opt for fixed, variable or dynamic rates

Power to Choose

One form of contract is not necessarily better than the other. All contracts can be found in our Energy Comparator.

Energy contract for an indefinite period

Advantage: you have the freedom to switch.

Downside: there are no interesting welcome discounts.

Fixed-term energy contract with fixed rates

Advantage: during the term, you have certainty about the price and you often receive a high welcome discount.

Disadvantage: whether it is also cheaper than a contract for an indefinite period depends on current energy prices.

You can often save the most with an annual contract with fixed rates and a welcome discount. You must then be prepared to switch again the following year or to conclude a new contract.

Fixed-term energy contract with variable rates

Not recommended: the supplier can increase prices in the meantime without you being able to cancel without penalty in the meantime.

Energy contract with dynamic rates

With a contract with dynamic or flexible rates, the price that you pay for your consumption depends on the current energy price on the exchange.

Do you opt for 1 year or a longer contract?

In addition to an annual contract, you can opt for a contract with fixed rates and duration of, for example, 3 or 5 years. If you expect prices to rise in the coming years, you can opt for a somewhat longer contract. But if prices fall, you are more expensive afterward. Of course, with a longer contract, you also have no longer having to worry about your energy supplier. On the other hand, you will receive a welcome discount less often. Check each year which energy supplier is the cheapest for you and the best fit for you. If you then have an annual contract, you can also switch immediately.

Do you opt for a single or double rate?

With a single rate you always pay the same. With a double rate you pay a higher rate during peak hours and a lower rate during off-peak hours. Off-peak hours are at night and during the weekend. For a double rate, you need an energy meter with 2 counters. Or 4, if you also want to supply power from your own solar panels. A smart meter always has 4 counts.

The peak rate for a double rate is higher than the single rate. Whether it is cheaper to take a single or double tariff depends on the prices at your energy supplier. It also depends on how much power you use in the peak and off-peak periods.