Advice for a trip to England: What can surprise you and how to avoid problems?

Going to England and not sure what to pack in your suitcase? We will advise you and in addition we will give you some useful tips on how not to be surprised. In fact, there are other rules in the UK, not only as regards Bonton. The British have a different time, go to the left and enjoy small. You can also visit for the best traveling option in the UK.

Documents yes, but the passport is not necessary

You can travel to England with a valid passport or identity card. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recommend traveling on a separate corner ID card. If the parent is traveling on an identity card and has a child with them, it is recommended that they have their own passport even if the child is registered on the parent’s identity card.

Are you going to sit behind the wheel? If you are traveling in the visitors’ mode, your driving license is valid throughout the UK for your stay. If you were in the country for long-time residents, the period of validity of the driving license would be limited. We don’t have to remind you that in England you drive on the opposite side of the road i.e. on the left.

Write down important phone numbers

In case you get lost or experience an unpleasant event that will require the police, it is advisable to visit the local police station in person or call 0300/123 1212. The number 999 is intended for very urgent cases and applies not only to the police but also to ambulances and firefighters.

Things that may surprise you

Remember to set the time when you arrive in England.


Many people were unpleasantly surprised at an English hotel when he wanted to charge his phone. British sockets are different from ours. They are three-pin plugs, and to use electrical devices, you need to get an adapter that you can get almost anywhere, even at the airport.


When you change your cash, keep in mind that British merchants often refuse to accept fifty-pound notes. It is preferable to convert at most twenty pound notes. English restaurants are expected to leave the waiter a tusher. There are no exact rules for paying tips. However, it is customary to donate approximately ten percent of the final bill within a bonton.

What to watch out for

When crossing any road, take care of your personal safety and follow the instructions written on the ground in front of you (look right, look left). It happened several times that a stranger, who is used to driving on the right side of the road, looked at the wrong side before crossing.

If you go directly to London, remember that it is a big city with all the trimmings, i.e. crowds and busy traffic both above and below ground. Protect your personal belongings and equip yourself with the current city map. Underground maps and bus networks are available free of charge at the tourist offices and information stands at Transport for London.

Take advantage of discounts

Bargain tickets at most tourist sites are for seniors, minors under 15 and students. Children up to the age of five have free admission almost everywhere. If you would like to apply for any of these discounts, prepare to present your ID card, students are required to present their international ISIC card. You can even visit London museums for free. All permanent exhibitions are free for visitors.