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These are a few testimonials From people who have taken my classes or gotten readings.

Abundance and Flow

Thank you, Holly! That was really a powerful 3 hours.  I love how you led the meditation and spent the majority of that time refining our energies to be of psychic service to the other classmates.  That experience for me was even more profound than tapping our own psychic abilities.   Manifestations.  That subject and the name of your book are very provocative :)

I felt an incredible joyous feeling  all day. What had been like a snarl in my energy was  released--my fear dissolved and my insight was clear and heightened.  Everything was all okay --in fact it was abundant. I allowed myself to un-hunch my shoulders and have a huge smile. Thank you universe!    

I want to especially thank you allowing me to vocalize my request to the universe  in front of the group and affirming that, yes, ask what you want and just get out of the way.   The universe will give it to you. And it did.  Wow.

You really have something special happening in your classes, Holly.  I am so happy I went last night.  

- Andrea Davis


It has been a dynamic time since the workshop; recalibration is a very good description of what has been happening since I rejoined my Spirit, my Inner Child, My Self.  I feel that my wheels have been unlocked and I am being guided with the clarity that I have been seeking.  The first few days, I experienced turbulence but then a peacefulness came about as I re-focused on being present, being in the now, and following my flow.  These were my goals at the beginning of the year - to "find my flow, and let the rest go", but I had gotten lost in the frenzy, etc.  I'm now looking into becoming a Reiki practitioner.

  1. -Paula Cosio, professional Businesswoman

Crash Course in Psychic Readings

I wholeheartedly recommend Holly's Crash Course In Psychic Readings class. My take-away from the class was that - MY GOSH - I have access to answers when and if I want them. After a simple set of "instructions" (for lack of a better word) from Holly, I was getting words, colors, and images that popped into my head, that made no sense to me, but that clearly made sense to the people I was doing readings for. She provides you with concrete things you can do in order to access that other-worldly aspect of life that we all can tap into. She does it lovingly, and with a very soothing voice, and BAM, you're there...in that space of receiving information. 

Holly makes it simple...and, more importantly, she set me at ease. I learned not to question what I was receiving and the information was proven to be correct. Fascinating stuff. I also learned a meditation technique that I absolutely love. Plain, simple, and powerful. I find myself using it again and again.

Holly has a beautiful spirit and is a gifted teacher and this shines through in her classes! If you're thinking of taking a class or two, do it. You won't regret it.

- Kim Reese

Fine Artist

Find Your Own Answers

“This class (Find Your Own Answers) gave me much more than I expected. I left with tools to support me in all areas of my life.”

-Angie Medina, Entrepreneur

“I found the course to be amazing, interesting, and compelling me to further search my sensibilities and higher learning. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their lives and their spirituality! I took it twice!”

- Steve Dolan, Facilities Manager


Thank you for such a informative and insightful channeled reading. I feel the Unstoppable warrior in myself, you helped me put that into words. Your reading confirmed the visions I have been experiencing and made them a bit more tangible. I am experiencing myself alive and on purpose with the peaceful reminder of my higher self.    

- Scott Sallinger, Business Owner

My readings that I’ve gotten from Holly have yielded good advice each time. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting an insightful reading.

- Dennis C., Attorney at Law

“I’ve had many readings from Holly, and Malcolm has been accurate on numerous occasions. I’ve had a health scan on my husband and on myself and as a result of following his advice, our health improved significantly.

“Professionally, when I’ve taken Malcolm’s advice, he’s been 100% accurate, which has helped me in making hiring and in business dealings.”

  1. -Kathy Reis, Business Owner

“Holly Mae is one of the most heartfelt, accurate readers I have ever experienced. During our reading she confirmed many things I knew inside and also offered me helpful tips to get through some of my challenges, which added a great bonus.

“I later took one of Holly’s classes, not really knowing what to expect. What I learned in that one evening was life changing and kept me on a spiritual high for the next 48 hours. With the tools Holly taught me, I can not only use it to boost my life forward, but I can use it as a great addition to my business to help others too.

“I’m very excited to take any class Holly teaches. Her warm, caring, intuitive approach makes all her readings and classes valuable and useful.”

-Jentana Dabbs, Businesswoman


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