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Readings are normally done over the phone, or if you would like to see Holly in person, she does readings on a yacht in Marina Del Rey, by appointment only. There is no distance between you and Holly’s ability to “see” what you’re asking about, so a phone reading is very comfortable and convenient for many..

Channeled Readings (with Spirit Guides)


Akashic Records Readings (using the “virtual warehouse” of all human experience)

A 1 hour reading is $150

A 1/2 hour reading is $100

Or, Enroll in Crash Course for Psychic Readings or Abundance and Flow:



All readings are done by appointment only and are to be paid for in advance of the reading.

You and Holly will arrange an appointment where you will be able to be fully present (not driving, or doing errands, etc.) when you call at 310-948-5678, or email her at She will call or email you back, whichever you prefer.


The reading includes a digital recording of the session, which will be mailed to you on a CD or by email, whichever you specify, the day after the reading.

We also offer Gift Certificates, which are hard copies which are mailed to you or to the person you’re giving it to at no extra charge.

You can use this button to Paypal, for a one hour reading, or a half hour reading, including gift certificates. Just indicate in an email or call if it’s to be a gift certificate, and send the address of the person who is to receive it.

Credit card and Paypal payments will be charged by our parent company, Howard Freedom Group, LLC. We also accept credit card payments by phone, if you prefer.

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