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Holly Mae (formerly Holly Mae Howard) lives near Boulder, Colorado, and works as a psychic reader. She is also a writer and painter.

Holly has been working as an intuitive for over 20 years and is a very gifted, compassionate and talented psychic reader. Through channeling, she has also found that her writing and artistic talents have been enhanced, as is often reported by channelers. She embraces her dharma, loves her work, and continuously seeks knowledge in order to make her readings and healings as effective as possible.


She was inspired many years ago by her mentor, Paul Michael Davies, a very talented and influential channeler from Minneapolis, Minnesota who channeled the Spirit Guide “Plautus” for many years, accessing the information through the Akashic Records. When Holly met Paul, it was an instant spark, and they spent a lot of time together, where he imparted a lot of wisdom and changed the direction of her life forever. Holly is forever grateful to this gifted channeler and wonderful man. Paul has since passed on, but his spirit of compassion lives on in Holly’s teaching and readings. You can download and listen Paul’s archived channeled readings here http://wp.me/P3bzP7-2c for free! There is also an article I wrote describing my first meeting with Paul.

Holly has a passion for learning and spiritual discovery, which she has pursued

for over twenty years. Perhaps her greatest strength, intuitively speaking is that she is an empath, or someone with the ability to feel other peoples’ feelings. This gives Holly an ease in connecting with others, whether they are present or remote, and can help with insight into relationships and true motivators for people.

At a small spiritual gathering where there were two channelers and some other healers, Holly got a reading, and the next day, for “some reason,” asked herself if she could do it too. She gave her friend a reading, which was amazing for both people. She was only mildly surprised to find out that she could channel, since she has utilized her intuition for years, and is a natural empath.

Holly has searched for a long time to find answers to the big question, “What is my life’s purpose?” Finding a path in channeling has opened up the spiritual doors that previously were only yearned for. She is committed to assisting people to find their own paths through service, teaching and by giving readings. This, she feels, is a life worth living.

Holly is also a painter and a writer as well as a psychic, and she sells her artwork online, and blogs about spiritual/inspirational matters. To view Holly’s artwork, please go to www.hollymaeartwork.com, or click on the link.

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